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get involved


There are many ways to get involved at our farm!

  • The easiest way to engage with the farms is to attend a work party or community event at the farm. You can sign up to get news and notifications here.


  • If you are a WWU student and qualify for work study, you can apply to be a part of the Center for Community Learning's Students in Community Program and get paid to engage in community food systems and work at City Sprouts Farm. 


  • If you would like to enroll in an academic internship see our internship description here.


  • You can also apply to work at the farms and join our urban farm crew! Our farm crew positions are part-time (~20hrs/wk) from June-October.  To stay tuned about student job opportunities at the farms, please sign up for our newsletter here. We will also post our urban farm crew positions on the Western Job board in late April. 


  • You may consider joining an existing Independent Study Project called the Tiny Farm Project. This is a student-led and designed mini-farm project that happens at City Sprouts Farm. You can learn more about the Tiny farm project here and fill out an interest form here


Learn more about City Sprouts Farm and the Center for Community Learning here.

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